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DOP Cameraman Cameraperson Camera Operator Sony FX9 Owner Operator Multi-camera Interview ENG Camera Crew Hong Kong

A Cameraman Co.

Camera crew in Hong Kong
Cameraman in Hong Kong

Director of Photography
Camera operator for hire
James Goldman


M: +852 6396 8868 (WhatsApp)

T: +852 3489 1318

Office / Camera hire:
Hollywood Road Studios, 19/F, IFC2,
8 Financial Street, Central, Hong Kong

For Cameraman Hong Kong
Please visit

Sony FX9 for Hire in Hong Kong
ARRI Amira Camera Crew Hong Kong Fomula E DOP Jame Goldman
Olay Commerical ARRI SkyPanel Green Screen Studio Camera Crew Hong Kong DOP James Goldman
RED Broncolor Para HMI
Phantom Flex
Arri Alexa Mini
Certified Arri Alexa Mini LF, Alex 65 operator James Goldman Signature Primes Camera Rental Hong Kong

Multiple Sony FX9 cameras and complete audio lapel mics and boom packages are for hire with professional, experienced operators.

Our pool of owner-operators, freelance cameraman, freelance DOP, freelance camera operator, and camera rental partners in Hong Kong give us access to a wide range of cameras for hire, please email us for quotations.

Cameras and equipment we shot with and available to us:

ARRI Alexa Mni LF (Netflix approved)

ARRI Alexa 35 (Netflix approved)

ARRI Amira


ARRI Master Anamorphic

ARRI Master Primes

ARRI Alura

ARRI Supreme Prime

ARRI SkyPanel

Angenieux Optimo Zoom
Angenieux TYPE EZ

Atlas Orion Anamorphic PL

Broncolor Para

Blackmagic 12K

Blackmagic Pocket 6K
Blackmagic URSA (Netflix approved)

Canon C70 (Netflix approved)

Canon C300 Mark III

Canon C500 Mark II (Netflix approved)

Canon C700 (Netflix approved)

Canon R5

Canon R6

Canon 5D

Canon CN-E Primes

Cooke S5

Countryman EMW Omnidirectional lavalier microphone

Dedo lights

Easy Rig

Film Studios

Fujinon MK Cine Zoom

Hasselblad H6D 100C

Lectrosonics transmitter and receiver

Live LU Solo

Live LU500

Live LU600

Manfrotto slider

Movi M15 Gimbal

Panasonic VariCam LT (Netflix approved)

Panasonic AU-EVA1 (Netflix approved)

Panasonic S1H (Netflix approved)

Panavision XL2 (Netflix approved)

Phantom Flex 4K

Photography Studios

Ready Rig

RED Komodo (Netflix approved)

RED V-raptor (Netflix approved)

RED V-raptor S35 (Netflix approved)

RED Weapon Helium 8K (Netflix approved)

RED Epic (Netflix approved)

Ronin 2 Gimbal

Ronin RS3 pro

Samyang Cine Primes

Small HD monitors

Senhenssier wireless e100 G3 Lav mic

Senhenssier MK416 x 2LED panels x 6

Sony A1


Sony F5

Sony F55

Sony FX3

Sony FX9 (Netflix approved)

Sony FS7 MKII (Netflix approved)

Sony FS5 MKII (Netflix approved)

Sony Venice (Netflix approved)

Sony UWP-D21

Sony UWP-D26

Sound Device


Steadicam Trinity

Teradek Wireless Video

Titan HD Wireless Video


IDX Wireless Video Transmitter

Rover Navtech Transmitter


Zaxcom Deva 24

Zaxcom Nomad

Zaxcom Nova

Zeiss Cine Zoom

Zeiss CP3

Zeiss CP2

Sigma Cine Zoom

Camera Crew Hong Kong has great relationships with our pool of freelance cameramen, freelance owner-operators, rental companies and production companies in Hong Kong. If your entire crew is coming and the days are right, you are welcome to hire equipment from us or we will connect you directly with the rental company in Hong Kong which has the specific camera equipment.

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