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A Cameraman Co.

Camera crew in Hong Kong
Cameraman in Hong Kong

Director of Photography
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James Goldman


M: +852 6396 8868 (WhatsApp)

T: +852 3489 1318

Office / Camera hire:
Hollywood Road Studios, 19/F, IFC2,
8 Financial Street, Central, Hong Kong

Thanks to our clients:
(Please contact us for client references.)

60 Minutes Australia Camera Crew Hong Kong
Apple iPhone iMac Mac Store Camera Crew Hong Kong Macau
Adidas Cameraperson Camera Crew Hong Kong
P&G Director of Photography Camera Crew Hong Kong Client
PBS Cameraman Hong Kong Client

Camera Crew Hong Kong had over 27-year experience in financial news, business talk show, multi-camera TV interview, broadcast, general view (GV), b-roll, documentary, online video content, advertising, commercial, corporate video, promotional video, music video, social media content, Kickstarter video, legal disposition, event video recording, roundtable video, conference video, liveU youtube streaming, media training, company internal communication video, training video, infomercial, stock footage, feature film, aerial filming, and drone filming.

We film at the most scenic locations in Hong Kong.

Our camera crew in Hong Kong are experienced Hong Kong-based camera crew, ENG camera crew, cameraman, director of photography, camera operator, 1st AC, 2nd AC, camera assistant, focus puller, gaffer, grip, sound recordist, location scout, fixer, producer, production manager, director, self-shooting director, interviewer, translator, video journalist,  photographer, videographer, car mount grip, boat mount grip, camera hire, aerial filming on helicopter, drone and production service to international productions and co-productions.

We pursue excellence in composition, lighting and camera movement. Our camera crew value every opportunity to create compelling visual content and enjoyable media production experiences. We meet our client's production values, budgets, and deadlines. We are here to optimize our client's return on investment.

Our office and studio in Central, Hong Kong are equipped with 2 x 1TB fibre optic uplink / downlink, ensuring same day footage transfer minutes after filming and complete footage upload within hours.

Most of our cameramen and camera crew are multilingual Hong Kong residents (Cantonese / English / French / German / Italian / Mandarin / Spanish) who can film in China and Asia in Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tokyo and the rest of Asia in short notices.

We also provide creative and video production in Hong Kong from concept to delivery.

Testimonies from clients

Wendy Zbinden, independent journalist, Institut Journalisme Bordeaux Aquitaine, from the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region, France

It was very pleasant to work with James. He was very understanding, adapted to our requests. The images were neat, it was really great! Very professional! Thanks again James!

Ben Londesbrough, Untold Fable, London, UK

James and his team produced a great remote shoot for us from Hong Kong. The footage looked excellent and James and his producer got great contributions from our interviewees. He worked well to brief and matched footage we had in the UK. Would recommend James to anyone looking to shoot in Hong Kong.

Pauline Anderson, John Brown Media, UK

The Camera Crew Hong Kong did a great job for us. We were in London so couldn't be on the ground and they set up the shoot, kit, recce, timings, security etc and their work was excellent and our client very happy.

Russ Calkins, Hardpin, Los Angeles, USA 

This crew was fantastic to work with. High quality production, and professionalism at every step of the process. 10/10 will work with them again.

Benoît Galand, Wildvertising, Switzerland 

I've had the opportunity to collaborate on different types of productions with them and I have always been extremely satisfied with their services. Solution driven, flexible and very reactive. Definitely recommend.

Fernando Puertollano, Empty, Spain

James is a high reliable partner for our filming projects in the area. High quality and positive creative interchange to accomplish the high-q of our final movie projects.

Michael McComb, Producer, UK

I asked the team to schedule a camera/sound crew with very little notice - I contacted them at the end of the day and needed a crew the next morning! No problem! On time, good communication, great equipment, and professional onsite. End result was terrific.

Chris Burns, Broadcaster, Euro News, France

James went the extra mile to get what we needed for our Euronews Spotlight Hong Kong programme. Great to work with.

Alexander McQueen

Apple Inc
Art Basel
British Airways

British Government
Boston Consulting Group

Canale 5
Chicago Booth University
Continental Jewellery
Discovery Channel

EFG Swiss Private Bank
Elite Model Agency
Fairmont Hotel
Global Source
Italian Chamber of Commerce

Herbert Smith Freehills
History Channel
Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA)
Hugo Boss
Johnson & Johnson
Marriott Hotel

National Geographic

Paramount Studios
Qatar Airways
Roger Dubuis
Shell Oil Company
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Standard Chartered Bank
Star Media
Sundaram Tagore Gallery

The Financial Times
The New York Times
The Telegraph
The Times
Thomson Reuters
Towel Media



News from Camera Crew Hong Kong

/ A Cameraman Co.


It was a pleasure to film for the FT again.

2 Cameras. Interview. GV.

We thank FT's London and Hong Kong Team for their quality journalism.

Teleprompter / Autocue crew for HP CEO speaking at Canon Headquarter, Tokyo, for HP's production company in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Two camera interview crew, director of photography and camera operator with CBRE, Commercial Real Estate Services, and CBRE's production company in New York, USA.


Filming In conversation with Annabel Spring, HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth CEO and Nicolas Moreau, CEO, HSBC Global Asset Management was our pleasure.

We look forward to working with HSBC and HSBC's production company in London again soon.


Two camera crew, director of photography and gimbal operator with Sony FX3 for Chaumet luxury brand with Chaumet's production company in Paris. 


It was our pleasure to film at the HSBC round table again. Our special thanks to Justin and Graham.

A Cameraman Co. was honoured to film for Earth with John Holden, Star Media, USA.

This multi-camera documentary was shot with two Sony FX9 cameras.

Our director of photography / producer James Goldman thanks John, Suzanne from California, JC from Carolina , Regina and Chris in Hong Kong for their professional excellence.

We look forward to working with Star Media and Vtech again in the near future.

It was our pleasure to film for BBC Panorama again, we thank Danny Vincent from BBC for inviting us to the project. 



It was A Cameraman Co.'s pleasure to film a series of two camera video interviews of three top executives at EFG, the Swiss Private bank for Boston Consulting Group.


This multi-camera interview was shot with two Sony FX9 cameras on tripods against the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline at EFG's Hong Kong head office at International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon.


Our director of photography / producer James Goldman thanks Meredith, Tom from New York, Jacqueline, Fok and Fai in Hong Kong for their passion for professional excellence.


Our camera crew in Hong Kong looks forward to working with Snippies, New York, EFG Swiss Private bank and Boston Consulting Group again in the near future.



A Cameraman Co. was honored to film "In Conversation with CIO of HSBC" third time in a roll.


This multi-camera one on one interview was shot with three Sony FX9 cameras on tripods and a Sony A7S III camera on a slider.


Our director of photography / producer James Goldman thanks Pauline, Kathryn, Alex from London, Chris from Kent, Fan, Rosa, Diane, Rusty and Ming in Hong Kong for their dedication to professional excellence.


Our camera crew in Hong Kong looks forward to working with John Brown Media and HSBC again in the near future.

It was a pleasure working with Michelin Star chief Maxime Gilbert at Ecriture again on an action thriller to announce his 40th birthday event at his premium rooftop bar on Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong.

Special thanks to Margarita, Victor, Marco and friends for their excellent performance and Royal Caviar Club for offering their luxurious office for filming.

We wish Maxime a very happy 40th birthday and Ecriture another successful year.

It was a pleasure to film beauties shots at the Casetify flagship store at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and an interview with the CEO of Casetify on two Sony FX9 with 3 point lighting for QUT, Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

We thank Julia, Amy, Jonanne and Scott from Queensland for their invitation and collaboration,
Lee and Law from Casetify for their support and
Ruben for his expertise in public relations.

We look forward to working with our Australian clients again in the near future.


It was a pleasure to work with Wendy Zbinden, independent journalist, Institut Journalisme Bordeaux Aquitaine, from the Greater Paris Metropolitan Region.


We thank Morgan at MNC-Asia and Seafood Society, Maxine, Victor, Marco, Natacha, Nick at Ecriture at 80 Queen's Road Central and the original oysters from the Belon River, Brittany, France, the origin story of oysters since the Roman Empire.


We were grateful for the excellent work again by sound record Eric.


The program was a culinary documentary at its best.


We look forward to working with Wendy again.



It was a pleasure filming a documentary TV program with the Institut Pasteur on prime time French television on 2 x Sony FX9 Cameras.


We thank Malik Peiris, world renowned virologist, the Honorary Director of the Institut Pasteur for his time, expertise and insights, Simon Muller from The Centre for Immunology & Infection and the Institut Pasteur for his brilliant mind and Adrien Garnier from the French Consulate for his wit to keep the show on the road.


Director of Photography / Lighting cameraman James Goldman had a great time filming remotely with Director Brice and producer Julien from Paris France.


We look forward to working with TV Presse in the near future.


We thank Danny for his excellent lighting.

It was a pleasure to shoot with 2 Sony FX9 cameras against white background for a science documentary about the future with French documentary filmmakers Amelie, Director of Photography Fred and Director Sarah. We look forward to seeing the documentary on TV screen around the world. We thank the professor at University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong for his insight.



It was a pleasure to shoot scientific documentaries with the Sony FX9 again, we thank Joel and Stephen from USA for inviting us to the project.


It was our pleasure working with HSBC again. We thank Robert in Hong Kong for his excellent organisation, Ben from London for inviting us to the project, producer David for his co-ordination, Sound Recordist Eric for his expertise and Ming for his lighting.

Easy rig and Sony FX9 always get the job done well in corporate video productions.


It was a pleasure to work with BBC again. We thank Daniel for inviting us to the project.

It was our pleasure to shoot a multi camera interview with Britt Clennett
 (ABC) and Chief Investment Officer of HSBC. We thank Britt Clennett and the amazing teams at John Brown Media and HSBC again.
Tech specs: 3 x Sony FX9 + Sony A1 on Slider
Camera Crew: Camera Crew Hong Kong
Director of Photography: James Goldman
Cameraman: R.T.F
Assistant Camera: Danny Lai

High-Speed Ultraviolet Photoacoustic Microscopy for Histological Imaging with Virtual-Staining Assisted by Deep Learning for filmed on Sony FX9 by Camera operator from Camera Crew Hong Kong at Translational and Advanced Bioimaging Laboratory, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Thanks to producer, Stephen Hewitt from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Camera Crew Hong Kong had the pleasure to work with Financial Times Films again. We thank Primrose, Thomas and Johnathan for their insights, Tom and Tabby for their editorial excellence. We look forward to filming them again.

Camera Crew Hong Kong produced a 4 cameras interview with a media company in London for a major global financial institution. We filmed at their headquarter in Hong Kong against Victoria Harbour skyline. We thank video producer Charlotte, Pauline and Alex in the UK for their invitation to the project and their creativity. We thank Britt, a presenter with American TV broadcaster ABC for her brilliant presentation. We look forward to more video production from our clients in London. We thank the institution's chief investment officer and team for their time and effort in the filming of the video. Our DOP James Goldman thanks the gaffer, camera operators and lighting cameramen for their excellent professional camera work. 3 x Sony FX9 and a Sony A1 on slider was a great setup for the job for capturing skin tone, the vista and clean sound. 


It was a pleasure to work with the FT, The Financial Times again. We thank Daniel from London for his excellent organisation, Thomas and Primrose's insights and their fantastic presentation in FT's office in Hong Kong. We look forward to working with FT team again. 2 x Sony FX9 cameras provided the editor with editorial freedom to find the best angel for every headline in the video.


We thank Adam from Santa Barbara, California and Microsoft stat side for hiring our camera crew in Hong Kong to film their client's testimony. We thank the local team from Microsoft for their support of the filming. 2 x Sony FX9 cameras gave the subjects freedom to express themselves at their own pace.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Carlyle again. We thank producer Orla, Rashid, Andrew and Noah from Los Angeles for their endless creativity and inspiration. We were grateful for the captivating presentation by Carlyle's top brass again.
Our 23 inch dual monitor autocue system enable the director to bring the best of every presentation to live in realtime. 
We look forward to working with Carlyle and top teams from Los Angeles again soon.

Cameraman Hong Kong’s Euronews coverage on Hong Kong business news is now live.

We thank the support from everyone involved.

It is always a pleasure to film with Euronews.

Learn more about what is trending in global businesses in Hong Kong, please visit.


Our commercial video production team is excited to film the first promotional video for a groundbreaking fitness technology. We thank Anna, Eri, all the other talents involved, makeup and hair, and Brendan for inviting us to the project as well as his creative input. 

We are grateful to our photographer from Japan for his visions and support..

We look forward to the benefits such technology will bring to the fitness community worldwide.


It is a pleasure to work with Amazon again.

Camera Crew Hong Kong is grateful for another successful RED Helium 8K green screen video production of a virtual presentation for Amazon Web Services.
We thank Stefan Klein and Michelle for their rock star presentation, Emma for her insights, Simon for his brilliant design, Monique for her spot on direction, Sam for his creative input, Anna for her leadership, Amelia for her swift organisation, Cyril and Jimmy for their mentorship on production workflow and latest technology.

It is always a pleasure to work with the Sydney and Auckland team.

Our producer in Hong Kong / director of photography James Goldman is thankful to gaffer Ming, First AC Wei and their teams, sound recordist Eric and Cinerent for their excellent work.
We are honoured to work with all our amazing partners in the exciting age of commercial space.


It is always a pleasure to work with Financial Times. We thank Tom from the London office for inviting us to the project and the New York team for their support. We were grateful to James in the FT office in Hong Kong for sharing his brilliant insights.

2 x Sony FX9 continues to be the best combo for coverage with video interviews.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris Burns, Euronews, Mathew and his team again on Spotlight Hong Kong - a series of Interviews and B-roll for TV broadcast on the latest business news from Hong Kong.


Special thanks to Frederick, Chairman of European Chamber of Commerce and his team for his insight and brilliant screen appearance.

We thank Michael and John from Vacuumlabs Asia for their expert input on entrepreneurship and Fintech.

We are grateful to the M+ and West Kowloon Cultural District Palace Museum, their directors, their teams and their excellent organisation.

Camille and Geraldine from Lyon, France are the most helpful.

We are honoured to work with our drone pilot, Hercules, again.

We look forward to working with them all again soon.

We were grateful to David from South Carolina and his agency's invitation to film a green screen production with one of the global computing giants. We thank Ken, his language adviser, his assistants, and his team in Hong Kong for their professionalism and support.

We thank the brilliant lightning from our gaffer Geogre R Simon.

It was a pleasure to work with David and we look forward to working with him again.



Congratulations to Carlyle Global Investment's achievements and tremendous returns for their clients in 2021!  We were honoured Orla and Andrew from Los Angeles invited us to work with them again in the remote video production of Carlyle's Annual General Meeting with New York.

XD's one take wonders are awesome as ever.

We thank our gaffer - best boy team, Tat and Ming for their bring their feature films and commercials lightning to a corporate set, AC Geogre R Simon's attention to details and Cinerent's excellent service and well maintained equipment.


We thank Simon and M+ again for inviting us to aerial filming of M+, the newest addition to the iconic Hong Kong skyline.

We are humbled by our drone pilot Hercules , one of Hong Kong's top drone pilots and his expertise from feature films and commercials.

We thank Harry and Beth in London, Belinda in Auckland, Josh and Eric in Hong Kong for their time, professionalism and support for another successful shoot for ITN. We also thank gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his exceptional work.

It was a privilege to film and set up remote interviews with the director and the creative forces behind M+ at West Kowloon Cultural District. We thank Simon, Kate and Sonia from London for their excellence and their trust in us with this historical project. We thank the M+ team in Hong Kong for their brilliance and support. Director of Photography James Goldman thanks gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his exceptional work.

The Sony A1 on a gimbal on Segway Lomo works magic presenting architecture, the freedom of camera movement did justice to the sense of scale of M+. Sony FX9 was versatile at any lighting situation we threw at it. We look forward to working with Simon, his team and M+ in the near future.

We were honoured to film and set up remote interviews with the CEO of DZ Bank North Asia in Hong Kong for Uwe in Germany. We thank Susanne and her team for their vision and clear directives. We are grateful for the support from DZ bank’s team in Hong Kong.Director of Photography James Goldman thanks gaffer Christopher Steven Parker for his wonderful work.

We shot video portraits with Elite models agency on the Sony A1, a gimbal and the Segway Lomo. Our hats off to CL, Lucci, Natalie and Yanna for their amazing work



Big thanks to Daniel from Los Angeles for inviting us to film Hubble, the world's top innovator of children friendly mobile connectivity, devices and content.